Rachel Nusbaumer is a Swiss musician, passionate about music since her childhood. She began to study music at the age of 5, studying the flute and the oboe at the Conservatory of Delémont following up Geneva. Meanwhile, she became interested to compose music on a computer, which allows her to play her own compositions, instead of having a real orchestra.

The fundament for her stays classical. She loves developing classic harmonies with more contemporary sounds. Her influences are either Bach and Corelli, Jean-Michel Jarre, Ennio Morricone or Hans Zimmer.
Her passion and talent for composition has always been grown and she produced several albums: The international compilation “Bands United” in which she participates offers her worldwide exposure and she is contacted to compose music, in Europe and across the Atlantic.

Her neoclassical music has quickly oriented her into film music and sound design. This brings up the next jobs with the Banshee Studios (UK) to compose the music of their video games. In 2006, her composition “Daydreaming” is played at One olympic show in Turin during the Olympic Games. More recently, she has joined the team of the web serie “The Fumble zone” to compose its soundtrack. And has also collaborated with Swiss Aerial, a society specialized in high definition aerial imagery. And she regularly works with the studios Mithril to compose the soundtracks of their videos.

Beside this she also compose soundtracks for short films (Bleed for me, Love.Life.Lie, Nouvelle trajectoire, Fissure…). In 2015, “L’Inconnue du Parc”, a short film directed by Sébastien Cornioley, for which she composed the music, and is selected at the 68th Cannes Film Festival and this allows her to climb the mythical red carpet.

Now she focuses more on epic music, influenced by great composers as Thomas Bergersen, Ivan Torrent or James Paget.