My new album “Baroquissima”

I am more than happy to share my new album “Baroquissima” with you today! This album is a tribute to my favorite style of music, Italian Baroque music.
When I was young, I played the recorder and thanks to this instrument, I’ve discovered Masters like Vivaldi, Corelli, Albinoni etc. Their music deeply touched my heart, I was fascinated by the dichotomy between such “old” music and the energy, passion and modernity of their writing. So I wanted to compose my own music, in this style, with my own energy and my own passion.
This has been quite a long process. I have composed the “Concerto per flauto e oboe” when I was around 15. At his time, I didn’t know anything about MAO, I didn’t even own a computer. So I wrote it on a paper sheet, the music was only in my head. Then, many years later (and little more practice on Cubase and sounds libraries), I thought it was time to get it live. I took my old partitions back and I wrote it on my computer, with my orchestral libraries. I was deeply moved when I listened to it for the 1st time. That is all the magic and power of music!
The other tracks of this album have been composed during the past last years and it is with a sincere emotion that I share it with you today.