*** NEW ALBUM ***

*** My album is out ***

It has been an emotional and introspective process to choose the tracks that could fit my « Orchestral music for a lifetime » theme. I re-orchestrated some of my compositions, remastered all of them and wrote a new one ! All of these tracks have their own history and I am very proud to share this album with you.

Thank you again for your support, it means a lot to me !

Tracks list :
1. Alpha & Omega (Anthem for a lifetime)
2. Your destiny in your hands
3. Parallel universes
4. And she tamed her fears
5. Equilibrium
6. Birth
7. Tout l’amour du monde (Lullaby)
8. Caelia Maximus
9. The Invisible ties
10. Et tout ne sera plus qu’un souvenir

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