The ABCs of Computer Music

***Now with English subtitles***

Follow me in a new series of videos, where I teach you how to get started with Computer Music.

Those videos are in French, but I’ve translated them and you can active the English subtitles.

You want to start Computer Music but you don’t know where to start?
You are lost in a mass of information? The tutorials on the Internet are too extensive?
I have prepared a small course for you who are beginners, to start with the ABCs of Computer Music and progress little by little, step by step. But also to deepen your knowledge and create your own productions.

Music is more beautiful when it is shared, and the same goes for everything we have learned over the years.
I will regularly post new ones, to start with the basics and learn little by little. I hope you will like these videos, that they will answer a need. That they will encourage people to start this wonderful adventure of creating music on a computer.

I am looking forward to meeting you there and sharing with you!